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Topics will include:

  • The difference between democrats and republicans
  • Why people are turning against the parties?
  • Obama: Who built that business?
  • Common Core
  • Open Boarders
  • Why Jeb Bush is out
  • Positive and negatuive history of District 428
  • Where DeKalb has been and where it is going
  • 2016 election
  • Communism, Facism, Socialism, Capitalism
  • Drive by news media
  • University Village
  • The Big Short
  • History of DeKalb - sactuary cities
  • McKinney Vento
  • Why Dekalb has high taxes
  • The Old DeKalb
  • Ramifications of District 428 $110 M debt
  • School Board
  • Poverty level in the schools
  • US Rules of Engagement
  • What are the best and worst programs that have been implemented at Northern Illinois University¬†over the last 30 years?